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Hair Loss Treatments I Evolved Clinics in Perth, Australia

Which Hair Loss Treatment is right for me?

17 Feb, 2022

FUE, FUT, DHI, DFI, PRP Hair Treatment, Hair Mesotherapy, Laser Growth Therapy, Finasteride, Minoxidil and Stem Cells — the sheer abundance of hair loss treatments is quite overwhelming to absorb. What are the differences? How can you determine which one is right for you? Lets decode.

At Evolved Clinics in Perth, our team has been involved in the hair loss industry since 1994 and have had the unique advantage of evaluating most hair loss treatments out there.

Which Surgical Hair Loss Treatment in Perth, Australia is most advanced?

Permanent Hair Loss cannot be reversed without medical help, for which hair transplant is the only permanent solution. The basic principle of hair transplant is to take the healthy, donor follicles from areas of the scalp that aren’t affected by baldness, and redistribute them surgically.

For a hair transplant to work, there needs to be hair covering the donor areas of the scalp to harvest the healthy follicles.

FUT: Highly surgical process where a strip of skin is cut from the back of head resulting in a long scar. Archaic technique still prevalent in Western Australia (in fact in entire Australia) as it minimizes surgery time for a surgeon given most part is outsourced to Assistants/ Technicians. Implantation done by first creating slits in treatment area and placing the grafts into them with forceps, allowing little control over angle, direction and depth.

FUE: Primarily an extraction technique where a punch is used to make small, circular incisions in the skin around grafts, using a motorized extractor, removing them one-by-one from the scalp. The holes heal throughout the donor area and are undetectable. Implantation process same as FUT.

DHI: Extraction process similar to FUE except that DHI uses manual punches (old technique leading to low harvesting and graft survivability). Grafts are implanted using a Choi implanter (whosoever claims they have patents over the implanter device, is saying a lie!), for greater control on depth, direction and angle of placement.

DFI: Most advanced technique taking the best of FUE and DHI, perfected by evolutionary protocols. Extraction method is based on FUE technique (the most advanced motorized tool), the preservation method is inspired from best practices used in organ transplants and the implantation method leverages the DHI technique.

Stem Cells Hair Transplant: Like a traditional hair transplant, a stem cell hair transplant involves harvesting substances and implanting them onto the area where you want regrowth to occur. However, instead of hairs, skin samples are harvested and implanted on your scalp to stimulate growth. This method of hair transplant is being experimented and is not a proven treatment.

Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments in Perth, Australia

There are non-surgical ways to thicken up your hair as well, as follows

PRP Hair Treatment: PRP is used to treat a range of conditions, including hair loss. The process starts by drawing blood from the patient, typically from the arm. That blood is then run through a centrifuge to extract the PRP, or platelet-rich plasma (the liquid part of blood). The plasma is then injected into various areas of the scalp to promote healthier hair.

Hair Mesotherapy: A medicinal bullet containing minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and DHT blockers delivered directly to affected scalp areas. This action results in an increase in follicle size and ensures hair growth.

Laser Hair Regrowth: This is an FDA-cleared, stimulating therapy for men and women that uses a process akin to the way plants use sunlight to grow. The laser device emits particular wavelengths of light down onto your scalp.

Finasteride (prescription pill) and Minoxidil (topical solution): Finasteride and Minoxidil offer safe treatment options for stopping hair loss. They’re far less invasive than hair transplants, which is a surgical option. For people with mild hair loss, they can be highly effective. But for those with more substantial hair loss, it’s unlikely that these treatments will give you maximum density.

OK, so how do I figure out what’s the right one?

The best way forward really depends on your personal situation. In our experience, if you are a hair loss sufferer, chances are that one or more of the above hair loss treatments will be suitable for you.

Many clinics can be difficult to navigate, but Evolved Hair Restoration Clinic at Perth will give you personalized guidance to help you understand your options and how you’ll respond to different treatments. Our Trichologist or Hair Transplant Doctor will consult with you to help determine what the best course of action should be!

What’s the bottom line, guys?

In all of these different hair restoration procedures, most patients report seeing natural-looking hair and are generally satisfied with the results.

Advanced FUE a.k.a DFI is largely considered the best choice to restore hair loss permanently versus FUT and generally produces superior results with minimal recovery time. Non-surgical hair loss treatments cannot restore your lost hair but is effective to add more density, leading to thicker and healthier hair.

Still, it’s important to take a consultation about your options and determine the best treatment path for you.

For consultation with our Trichologist or Hair Transplant Doctor, please contact us at 1300 023 699 or book your appointment directly using the below link.

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