Pathology powered Consultation to Treat Hair Loss

26 Nov, 2021

As I’ve completed pathology reviews for my patients to confirm the cause(s) of their respective hair or scalp complaints, I’ve been reflecting on the orthodox treatments for hair loss by multi-national Hair Restoration companies and some Hair Transplant doctors. It is also likely that if you’re reading this article now, you perhaps have been advised a Hair Transplant as a best way forward by some of these operators using aggressive sales tactics, without performing a thorough diagnostics of your hair and scalp. Here is what you should be careful to keep in mind while you are excited to transform your life!  

How Pathology Tests are so insightful?

Over the last 20 years, I’ve found as many different causes for a patient’s hair loss as indicated by the pathology tests I have read: 

  • Iron deficiency anaemia
  • Nutrient-metabolic-hormonal disturbance caused by taking an oral contraceptive and depleted iron stores in a 22yo omnivore male
  • Previously undiagnosed autoimmune thyroiditis causing Alopecia Areata
  • Severe Gut dysbiosis and ‘intestinal permeability’ (leaky Gut) resulting in severe Iodine deficiency
  • A Female patient with aggressive Diffuse loss was prescribed multiple drugs to suppress the loss, yet the trigger was Mercury poisoning (we treated her with chelation therapy, to complete recovery)

There is no ONE solution

As diverse as all these problems are, none of the above would have been helped by prescribing the standard anti-androgen medication, Minoxidil or Cortisone.

Patients who have consulted us, readily identify with the additional symptoms associated in their respective deficiency/s or internal disturbance, as well as understand ‘why & how’ their hair or scalp could be adversely affected.

Hair and Skin 101!

To my ongoing surprise, many practitioners often seem unable to grasp this simple concept: the state of a person’s hair or skin is a total reflection of their internal system. It may be nutritional deficiency, metabolic disturbance, hormonal imbalance or the triggering of an autoimmune condition where one’s immune system attacks its host.

Whilst women commonly experience deficiencies of Iron, Vitamin D, Iodine or Zinc which then results in low metabolic & thyroid functioning, I am yet to observe one suffering from a deficiency of Minoxidil, Spironolactone (Aldactone), Cortisone or synthetic HRT!!


There is NO one answer or treatment to a hair loss or scalp condition. Each situation must be identified, assessed & investigated on its merits – and treated appropriately with the Practitioner’s experience, knowledge AND pathology-based evidence as to cause. Only then can we truly address the cause and give back what we all desire.

In most cases, there are both Hair Loss Prevention Treatments and Permanent Hair Corrections (Hair Transplant is the only viable option here) to stop hair loss. 

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