Triga sessions in hair transplant surgeries

16 Aug, 2022

Triga sessions are very larges hair transplant cases with high number of hairs. To give you a context, if you need around 3,000-4,000 hairs, it’s a Mega session. Giga session lands you up with 5,000-7,000 hairs and Triga sessions are generally above 9,000 hairs. In the cosmetic hair industry (yes Turkey of course but surprisingly even some clinics in Australia too), Triga sessions have become fairly common. This is a big marketing gimmick which you must be warned against.

Triga Hair Transplants at Evolved: Big No-No

At Evolved Clinics in Perth and Brisbane, Australia, we are very conservative to take up Triga sessions in a hair transplant surgery. The reason is straightforward. We care about your hair and confidence for your lifetime, not just for 10-15 years, which would be the case if you were to get a Triga session done. Lets understand why we have this view.

Let’s recap on how a hair transplant works

Hair transplant gives the “illusion of high density” by redistributing some portion of hairs from your donor area (having hair that lasts a lifetime) to the implanted area where you are balding. This does not mean that the donor area has infinite number of hair. The premise of a hair transplant is to restore your bald area with as much hair so that it is perceived that the hair was always there.

Why getting a Triga Hair Transplant is a bad idea?

Many clinics harp about maximum density. They encourage you to create a hairline of your choice and even push you to choose a large number of grafts in that area. All in a single session. All at the expense of marketing that we can get you the result of your dreams! They make it so easy for you to get into a trap by even offering a fixed fee for unlimited grafts as long as they get you the coverage.

Now, hold on! The fact is that if you want to maximize the coverage on your balding scalp, you don’t need more than 5000-6000 grafts in your lifetime. It is never a good idea is to set expectations for as much density as when you were 25 years old! If you did this, have you ever wondered what will happen in 10-15 years? Your FUE scars will become visible. And more importantly, you will end up using so many grafts that you will not have much left in case you need a top-up hair transplant in the future. This problem gets accentuated if the patient is younger.

We recommend Visual Density, not Over Density

We have already discussed above that no new hairs are created in a hair transplant process. Each person has a donor area, which is a non-renewable source of hair. Therefore, we have an obligation to use what we have in a very sensible manner. The general rule is that the more bald a patient is, the less donor area the patient has. Therefore, our recommendations plays out in two ways. We advise the patient to either consider more density in a small area, or less density in a large area. Either way, we are not proponents of over density as we are aware you have only 1 donor.

Anyone who says that I want the hair now and do not care about the outcome in 10-15 years will face the reality and wonder why he/ she ever said that. We can guarantee everybody wants that hair and consequential confidence in 10-15 years as well. Or else they will be devastated.

At Evolved Clinics in Perth and Brisbane, we spend a lot of time to manage and temper people’s expectations before they get into a hair transplant surgery. A lot of the consultation is imparting education. We talk about potential pitfalls. We think long term. Yes, we are conservative but we care about you and your donor hair 😊

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