Does a beard transplant really work?

02 Sep, 2022

Does a beard transplant really work? The evolving beard styles and trends are inducing many men to have luscious, dense and neat facial hair. Unfortunately, not every man is gifted to have this on his own. While some men hit the genetic prize for body hair, others have to live with a clean-shaven look even without having to shave. Lucky for those who desire a beard but do not have enough hair to boast it, beard transplants can do for you what your body naturally cannot.

How does a Beard Transplant work?

Healthy, thick hair that has flourished elsewhere on your head is extracted and transplanted to the beard area, allowing it to naturally grow like a normal facial hair. The hair usually comes from the rear of the patient’s head for the sake of consistency.

The hair transplant Trichologist removes the hair follicles from the donor area and implants them back into the skin of the beard area. The Trichologist must be careful to implant them at the natural angle of the hair, so it reflects the same pattern of how a beard would have looked like as if it was god’s creation! Generally, only about 2,000-3,000 grafts are needed to get a full beard look. Sometimes to mimic the thickness and density of normal beards, surgeons use grafts with 2 hair follicles instead of individual ones.

Is a Beard Transplant painful?

Good news – beard transplants aren’t very painful. While reading about the procedure may not sound like fun, the reality is that its virtually pain-free as it is minimally invasive.

When can I get to work after a Beard Transplant?

Beard transplants do not require very much recovery time. Other than some redness or swelling a few days following the beard transplant, there are virtually no side effects. A procedure usually takes about 5–9 hours and is an outpatient procedure that will send you home soon thereafter.

When can I expect results?

About 6 months or so but for the full thickness to come out, we would say 12-18 months. You’ll be able to grow your beard, style and trim it like normal! Isn’t that the whole point anyhow? 😊

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