How can I avoid getting bald in Australia?

01 Apr, 2022

How can I avoid going bald in Australia? Well, men and women have the same question. Let us dissect what you can do to prevent hair loss.

  1. Find the Cause of Baldness

    How can I avoid getting bald in Australia? With a bit of your own planning, and guidance from a hair loss Trichologist, it is possible to avoid going bald entirely. The Trichologist can perform a hair and scalp examination to make recommendations tailored specifically to your needs. Correctly anticipating hair loss and taking steps to carefully manage the scalp and the donor area of a patient suffering from alopecia is a vital step for the right treatment.

  2. Side with the Science on Baldness

    Stick with the drugs that have a green-light from the FDA viz. Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine). Again, a hair loss Trichologist can guide you the right dose for this based on your hair loss condition.

  3. Use the Right Shampoos to Prevent Baldness

    You probably use a hair product every day, so if you’re not using products and are packed with high-grade active nutrients, you’re missing a big opportunity for thicker, fuller, stronger hair. At Evolved Clinics, we are excited to have partnered with Patrick’s to provide a range of hair loss shampoos, conditioners and styling lotions/ gels.

  4. Eat Healthy to Avoid Hair Loss

    Start by skipping fried foods, which may reduce oil-gland activity. And of course, watch those desserts!

  5. Grow Towards the Light

    Laser Hair therapy is an FDA-cleared treatment for mild to moderate male-pattern baldness.

  1. Get Thick Hair with PRP Hair Treatment and Hair Mesotherapy

Looking for non-surgical ways to get thicker and healthy hair. Well, check out PRP Hair Treatment and Hair Mesotherapy treatments, both available at Evolved Clinics in Perth and Brisbane!

Need A Permanent Solution to Hair Loss?

The only permanent solution to going bald is to get an undetectable hair transplant at Evolved Clinics in Perth and Brisbane. How can we guarantee such natural results? Hair Implantation using the DFI Technique is conducted by a highly trained, Certified Doctor (not by Assistants/ Nurses) using a specialized tool, which allows for precise control over the angle, depth, and direction of the hair. This DFI technique consistently delivers over 90% graft survival rate.

If you are concerned about going bald and want natural results without the fuss and potential side effects of daily pills and lotions, then come into our Evolved Hair Transplant Clinic in Perth and Brisbane, Australia for a free consultation. We can give you an accurate diagnosis of your hair loss and answer any questions you might have about what treatment options are right for you.

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