How can I deal with the shame of getting bald in my early twenties?

23 Dec, 2022

Are you in your early twenties and starting to lose hair or getting bald? Are you considering a hair transplant to fix this issue?

At Evolved Hair located in Perth and Brisbane, we have been advising patients on how to prevent hair loss and restore hair over the past two decades. Basis this experience, let us outline a few facts before we respond to the above question.

Each person experiences hair loss in their unique way

No one can predict how aggressive hair loss is for any individual. Not everyone progresses to Norwood grade 7 i.e. the most advanced stage for hair loss. Not everyone gets a shiny, bald scalp. Some people may bald at the crown while others at the hairline. The commonality lies in the fact that hair loss is a genetic condition and your body biologically triggers when and how it will start.

Now coming back to someone who is balding in early 20’s, such individuals have a very aggressive hair loss. One thing is clear. Such people do not have much time left to lose remaining hair and get bald.

Should you consider a hair transplant in early 20’s?

Prima facie, getting a hair transplant may not been a bad idea. After all, it is the only permanent solution to restore your own hair. We do want to caution you though. While the problem can be fixed today (yes, you will restore the confidence to get married! 😊) but the problem for this solution somewhat lies in the future.

What happens after 10-15 years? As you may be aware, for a hair transplant, some portion of your donor hair (hair at the back which normally lasts a lifetime) is taken and redistributed in areas where you are losing hair. For a person suffering from aggressive hair loss, it is possible that you may end up losing hair from the donor hair at the back as well. Which means that you may get bald at the back and therefore you will not enough hair to implant. So you will land up in a spot that the distribution of hair will look unnatural. This is a horrifying reality that many hair transplant clinics will not tell you.

Each person experiences hair loss treatment in their unique way

So what should you do? Simple. Consult a hair loss doctor about medical therapies to stabilize hair loss. And it is equally important to understand the potential risks in future should you go down the road of a hair transplant. Point is to come to an informed decision and as we said before, every case is different and therefore its solution.

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