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Let’s debunk Myths about Hair Loss

Let’s debunk Myths about Hair Loss

18 May, 2022

There are many myths about hair loss – when it happens, why it happens, and to whom. Let us take a moment to blame the internet for this!

Myth about Hair Loss #1: Shampoo makes you lose your hair

Sorry, shower haters, but shampooing doesn’t cause hair loss. Clean hair means happy hair. And it is normal (not healthy) to lose a few hairs while lathering.

Myth about Hair Loss #2: Hair Loss is inherited from your Mother

You’ve probably heard that your mother decides whether you keep your hair or not, but your father is equally to blame! Yes, genetics is the number one cause of hair loss, and you can inherit baldness from any part of your family.

Myth about Hair Loss #3: By age 50, everyone will be bald

Once hair loss starts, it doesn’t stop (that’s why it’s important to act early) – and everyone’s hair loss starts differently. As per studies, 66% of men will have some form of male pattern baldness by age 35, and about 85% will experience significant thinning by age 50.

Myth about Hair Loss #4: Direct sunlight can damage your hair

SPF is still your skin’s best friend, but no, prolonged sun exposure won’t cause your hair to fall out.

Myth about Hair Loss #5: Hats cause baldness

Too many people claim that wearing hats causes hair loss, but don’t worry, your fedoras won’t do any harm other than make you look like you’re trapped in the early 2000’s! Do you want to read on why hats do not cause hair loss and what truly does? Refer our article on “Restore your hair in Australia and Ditch the Cap!

Myth about Hair Loss #6: Elevated testosterone levels are the enemy

This is incorrect too – Elevated testosterone levels do not cause hair loss. Male hair loss depends solely on how sensitive your hair is to a hormone called DHT (better known as Dihydrotestosterone).

Myth about Hair Loss #7: Ditch hair care products to protect your hair

Hair styling products do not cause hair loss. Let us remember that the main cause for hair loss is genetics, not use of external products.

Myth about Hair Loss #8. Myth: Masturbation makes you bald

No, feel free to let yourself masturbate without affecting the hair on your head in anyway. But because so many people think masturbation does cause hair loss, we wrote an article about “Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?” to refute their claim.

Myth about Hair Loss #9. Poor blood circulation leads to baldness

Healthy blood flow supports hair growth, and when hair loss occurs, blood flow to the scalp decreases. In fact, decreased blood flow to the scalp is the result, not the cause, of male pattern baldness.

Myth about Hair Loss #10. Myth: You’re going bald since you’re stressed

Emotional and physical stress can cause temporary hair loss, but not male pattern baldness, which is a permanent condition. So no, stress does not cause permanent hair loss.

Myth about Hair Loss #11: Vitamins can curb hair loss

If you thought vitamins could get your hair grow back, that’s too good to be true, and you’d be right. It turns out that hair loss vitamins will only help you if you are actually deficient in a specific nutrient. In fact, taking too much vitamin E can actually speed up hair loss.


To help you some more, we put together some very easy tips/ home remedies that you can work on to take care of your hair better –
1. Shampoo regularly (2-3 times a week)
2. Pay attention to the ingredients in a shampoo (no harmful chemicals – we prefer ones with biotin, caffeine, green tea and saw palmetto)
3. Wash your hair properly – scrub the shampoo on scalp, not hair and use the conditioner on the hair, not the scalp!
4. Avoid hair dye (some of you will not like this suggestion)
5. Coat your hair with oil (not any oil but pick coconut, almond, saw palmetto, argan or olive oil)

The bottom line is that there are lots of rumors floating around on what causes hair loss. And sometimes trying to find the truth can send you down an internet rabbit hole. Don’t do that, rather educate yourself on the science and take action.

Rather than believing the not so reliable internet, it’s time to trust the words of a hair loss specialist. Click on the button below to book a free consultation with us and get to know the real reason behind your hair loss, because relying on these myths for hair regrowth can have catastrophic effects on your hairline.

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