Professional Advice on Managing Oily Scalp and Sebum Secretion

11 Dec, 2023

An oily scalp can be a challenging condition to manage. Excessive sebum secretion not only affects your hair’s appearance, making it look greasy and unwashed, but can also contribute to scalp issues like dandruff and even hair loss. In this blog, we’ll explore professional advice on managing an oily scalp, drawing on expertise from hair clinics in Perth, Brisbane, and other leading hair care centers.

Understanding the Oily Scalp Condition

The first step in managing an oily scalp is understanding what causes it. Your scalp contains sebaceous glands that produce sebum, a natural oil that protects and nourishes your hair. However, overactive sebaceous glands can produce too much sebum, leading to an oily scalp. Factors contributing to this overactivity include genetics, hormonal imbalances, diet, stress, and improper hair care. Read more : hair loss and itchy scalp

Professional Solutions from Hair Clinics

Consulting a professional at a hair clinic, such as a hair loss clinic in Brisbane or a hair clinic in Perth, can provide you with tailored solutions. doctors at these clinics can assess your scalp condition and recommend specific treatments or routines. For instance, the best hair loss clinic in Brisbane might suggest treatments that balance sebum production without drying out your scalp, thus preventing potential hair loss.

Choosing the Right Hair Care Products

Professionals often emphasize the importance of using the right hair care products. Look for shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for oily hair. These products usually contain ingredients like salicylic acid or tea tree oil that can help regulate sebum production. However, avoid over-washing your hair, as this can strip the scalp of its natural oils, prompting even more sebum production.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Diet and lifestyle play a significant role in managing an oily scalp. Consuming a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B, can help regulate sebum production. Staying hydrated and reducing stress through activities like yoga or meditation can also positively impact your scalp health.

Regular Scalp Treatments

Regular scalp treatments can be beneficial. Many hair loss treatment centers in Perth and Brisbane offer specialized scalp treatments that can help balance oil production. These treatments often involve exfoliating the scalp to remove excess oil and buildup, followed by a nourishing scalp mask to maintain healthy sebum levels.

Hair Implants and Oily Scalp

For individuals considering hair implants, managing an oily scalp is crucial. Excessive oil can affect the health and longevity of the implants. doctors in hair implant procedures, available at leading clinics like those offering hair loss treatment in Perth, can guide you on maintaining scalp health post-implant.


Managing an oily scalp requires a combination of the right hair care routine, lifestyle adjustments, and professional advice. Consulting with a hair doctor Brisbane can provide you with a personalized approach to balancing sebum production and maintaining a healthy scalp. Whether you’re in Perth, Brisbane, or elsewhere, professional guidance from a reputable hair clinic can make a significant difference in managing your scalp health and overall hair well-being.

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