Recovery After A Hair Transplant

12 May, 2022

Recovery After A Hair Transplant. When you leave Evolved Hair Clinic in Perth or Brisbane, Australia after your hair transplant, we’ll provide you with everything you need to take care of your grafts in the first few weeks, including detailed instructions for washing your hair and medication to manage any initial discomfort.

But far beyond that, we see our patients as lifelong beneficiaries of our hair care service. You’ll be able to stay in contact with us for ongoing support and help on monitoring your hair growth progress, looking after your scalp, and preventing any potential problems.

To give a flavor of what the recovery process might look like, we’ve broken down a few common questions about the days following a hair transplant procedure.

How long does it take to resume work from a hair transplant?

DFI hair transplant procedure at Evolved Clinics is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will return home the same day of your transplant. You’ll want to take it easy in the first day or two following the procedure— perhaps catch up with your video streaming backlog! Luckily, though, DFI does not involve stitches, resulting in absolutely minimal downtime (unlike FUT, a.k.a. the strip method). You should be able to return to most normal activities, including work, in about 3 days.

Can I drive home on the evening of hair transplant surgery?

You will not be able to drive yourself home on the evening of the surgery. It is fine to drive next day onwards.

When can I touch my transplanted hair?

While it may be tempting to run your hand through your brand-new hairline, you’ll want to carefully avoid touching the grafts in the first few days following your hair transplant. Doing so can displace the newly implanted grafts. After 5 days, you can gently touch your transplanted hair, as needed.

How long after my surgery can I wash my hair?

The day after the procedure, our staff at Evolved Clinics will carry out a complimentary, no contact hair wash. Patients are advised to wait at least 3 days after the procedure before undertaking a contact hair wash.

As mentioned above, you’ll want to avoid touching the transplants altogether for 5 days. Be cautious, as even exposing your scalp to intense water pressure can dislodge the newly implanted grafts. To play it safe, try to use a bathing mug to gently pour water on your head instead.

By around day 7, your head should be scab free, after which you can return to shampooing as usual.

Will I experience any hair loss during recovery?

After your procedure, it is possible to experience a post-transplant phenomenon known as “shock loss”, which is uncommon though.

What this means is that, in the weeks following the hair transplant, native hair that was miniaturized to begin with falls out as result of the trauma the scalp endured during surgery.

While it may feel surprising to see hair loss after undergoing the transplant, in certain patients it will be an unavoidable part of the recovery process. Rest assured, this is generally considered a temporary phase that should clear up within a few weeks.

How long after my hair transplant surgery can I resume exercise?

Resumption of exercise does vary depending on your procedure but, in most cases, light exercise – like walking and riding your bike – can be restarted 6 days after hair transplant surgery and full exercise can be restarted at day 10 post the hair transplant surgery, subject to clearance from your hair transplant surgeon.

This guidance is important to follow, as exercise can have a disadvantageous effect on your recovery. Beyond the risk of displacing your newly transplanted grafts, exercise generally causes sweat, which can irritate the scalp and also raises your blood pressure.

How should I sleep after my hair transplant surgery?

For 3 days post your hair transplant surgery, you should sleep with your head slightly elevated, ideally at around a 45 degree angle. This can be achieved simply by propping yourself up with a few pillows, causing your head to be above your heart. This elevated position prevents swelling on the scalp.

Alternatively, if you have a recliner, it’s perhaps the best place for you to rest your head for a few days.

Will there be any pain during my recovery after a hair transplant?

While the hair transplant itself is considered relatively painless, it’s normal to experience some discomfort at the transplant site for around 24 hours after post procedure. Usually, over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen are adequate to manage such discomfort and ease potential swelling. Your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory medication for ease of recovery.

How soon after a hair transplant can I wear a hat?

Theoretically, you can wear a hat the same day as the procedure, however you must be very careful in the first 6 days post hair transplant. If you wear a hat you must ensure that the material of the hat does not touch the grafted area. Immediately after a hair transplant, a loose hooded top can be worn. Later in the week, a loose-fitting baseball cap or similar is preferable to a beanie hat. At 6 days post procedure, you can wear most hats without damaging the grafts.


While you may have to follow specific aftercare instructions from your hair transplant surgeon depending on your lifestyle, you can generally return to your normal routine within a few days of your procedure.


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