Why choose Evolved Clinics for Hair Transplant?

21 Mar, 2022

Why choose Evolved Clinics for Hair Transplant?. The Evolved Hair Restoration Clinic was opened in 2021 but our team has been involved in the hair loss industry since 1994. Evolved Clinics in Perth and Brisbane has substantial experience in the art of hair restoration with 2 decades of research and innovation, which is captured in its evolutionary protocols and its proprietary Direct Follicle Insertion (DFI) technique.
Let us give you our perspective on why you should choose us for your hair loss treatment –

Comprehensive Hair Loss Treatments at Evolved Clinics

We offer hair transplants covering all stages of hair loss for the scalp, facial and body hair, and for all ethnicities. By the way, not every treatment at Evolved Clinics is surgical as we are uniquely positioned to provide a range of preventive hair loss treatments as well. That is why we believe the advice you get here is right for you.

One of the Most advanced DFI Hair Transplant Technique in Perth, Australia

A complete care system, taking the best from Direct Hair Implant and FUE techniques and eliminating all its negatives. No Stitches, No Scars, and Least Discomfort.

You are in the best hands

Your hair transplant doctor is WA’s most experienced FUE surgeon and performs 100% of the surgery. Yes, we don’t outsource to Assistants/ Technicians like most other guys in the city!

Our surgical team is amongst the world’s leading exponents of the FUE technique with many years of experience. Simply speaking, we’ve recruited the best in the industry to ensure you get the best possible results.

Artisan approach

The Evolved Hair Transplant Doctors’ artisan aspects implore a patient to ensure that a perfectly natural hairline is recreated, that never looks synthetic. Our DFI technique at Evolved Clinics allows good control over the angle, direction, and density of the implanted hair follicles as no other hair transplant technique. This way will only know you had a hair transplant if you choose to tell them.

Graft Preservation

The industry-leading graft tissue holding solutions through chilled trays, ATP, PRP Hair Treatment & Hypothermasol create an environment where the grafts feel like it’s still in the body. We know how precious each of your hair is and that’s why we focus on consistency in hair survival rate.


Grafts are inserted into an ultra-fine implanter and artistically placed at the correct angle, depth, direction to ensure a natural, undetectable hairline.

Platinum-level after-care after Evolved Clinics Hair Transplant

Our post-surgery after-care is unparalleled where we handhold you through the entire journey till you get back your lost hair.

Your journey to restore your hair starts with a consultation on a detailed hair and scalp examination on you with Evolved Hair Transplant at Perth or Brisbane, Australia. Interested to take action to stop your hair loss?

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