Is your hairline looking like a ‘U’ or ‘M’ shape?

10 Oct, 2022

Look closely in the mirror at yourself and there are two key features that well define your face i.e., one is eyebrows and the other is your hairline. 

Let’s take the first one. Subject to some occasional grooming, men rarely need to worry about the shape or colour of their eyebrows. Hence, this is not an area of concern for most men. However, the appearance of your hairline, which is the second feature is significant and can alter very quickly as one progresses every other year in age after most people turn 30 (really lucky ones hit the genetic jackpot and are immune to this phenomenon). A consequence of which is a thinning or receding hairline that adds several years to your face ☹

Hair loss treatments are getting more acceptable

Here is some good news. Recent research shows that most men now think it’s suitable to have hair loss treatments to address such signs of aging. A key consideration for men is portraying a more youthful appearance at their workplace. This blog discusses the options for improving your hairline to give your face a more distinctive and younger appearance.

Hairline Redesign in a Hair Transplant

The most effective and permanent treatment for a receding hairline is a hair transplant Perth. And for an undetectable hair transplant, a hairline design must look natural. This involves carefully removing donor hair follicles from the back of the head and carefully transplanting them to the balding area in the front to provide a structured and more aesthetically, attractive hairline. Basically, a successful hair transplant mimics the creation of what GOD gifted you.

At Evolved Clinics, our DFI doctors can redesign the hairline and add density to the affected areas through early preventative action before it’s too late. In addition, our DFI hair transplant technique has been specially designed to provide patients with natural results that will continue to grow for a lifetime.

One other thing. This is not a full hair transplant but a smaller transplant session, ideal for all those facing hair loss mainly across the hairline itself. This is about as mild as a hair loss can get, my friend!




Post a hair transplant, filling in balding patches allows the hairline to be styled appropriately and help men regain their confidence. 

Take Action. Meet a Hair Loss Specialist

If you want to restore and strengthen your hairline, come into Evolved Clinics for a free hair loss consultation where a hair loss expert will assess your hairline, and you can discuss the look you want to achieve. Evolved Clinics has perfected the art of hair restoration with 2 decades of research and innovation, which is captured in its evolutionary protocols and its proprietary Direct Follicle Insertion (DFI) technique.

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