Meet the Hair Growth Trichologist at Evolved Hair: Paul M Green, Qualified Trichologist

17 Mar, 2023

“Will my hair come back?” is one of the most frequently asked questions that Paul Green faces in his hair loss consultations with patients.

As one of Western Australia’s leading hair growth trichologists, Paul is fully aware the emotions surrounding this question and has devoted his entire career to help people suffer from hair loss. With more than 3 decades of experience in the hair loss industry and as a Surgical Director with Evolved Hair, we’re providing the best possible experience and education for men dealing with Male Pattern Baldness—from the blogs you read on our website to the hair loss consultation you will receive. In all these years, Paul has helped 10,000 hair loss sufferers and restored hair for more than 3,000.

What makes you passionate about working in the hair loss industry?

I ventured into hair loss because there was a real need to specialize in the condition for boosting one’s confidence. Regaining hair is a life transformational experience. I get a kick when patient tell their stories on how hair growth has improved their quality of life. All through these years, hair transplant technology has evolved and I am proud to have been through it all and remain doing so. On top of this, I like meeting patients, learning about their hair loss, and finding the right treatment plan for them.

 What’s the most common hair loss myth you hear?

One of the most common myths is that hair loss comes from hats.

 What should someone do if they suffer from hair loss?

They should seek out a consultation with a hair growth doctor who can help them make a diagnosis and come up with the appropriate treatment plan.

Why Did Evolved Hair launch a Hair Restoration Clinic?

If you’ve experienced hair loss, you likely understand how difficult and emotional of an experience it can be. From trying to understand the root cause of your hair loss to researching various treatment options, it’s often a challenging journey.

We launched Evolved Hair more than 18 months ago with a mission to make hair loss a thing of the past. Each patient requires a bespoked hair regrowth plan. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for hair loss or better hair growth. While some individuals have found success with bespoke preventive treatment plans to stop hair loss using a Minoxidil or a Finasteride, some require a different level of care such as a PRP Hair Treatment or a Hair Mesotherapy to achieve desired results. For individuals seeking a more permanent hair regrowth solution, hair transplant is the best option.

At Evolved Hair, we are proud to provide the most advanced hair transplant technique in Western Australia

Providing most advanced hair transplant technique in Western Australia

Located in South Perth and Brisbane, Evolved Hair Restoration provides the most advanced way to restore hair via the most advanced Direct Follicle Insertion (DFI) technique, which takes the best practices in extraction from the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique and amalgamates them with the best practices of the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique.

Our hair restoration technique delivers natural-looking results by using existing hair follicles to restore hair growth on the balding areas of the scalp. Our medical team has seasoned and helped over 3,000 patients to undergo a hair transplant successfully. Considered safe and relatively painless, this technique is generally regarded as one of the best hair restoration procedures.

After the procedure, your doctor will prescribe a personalized hair growth treatment plan designed to maintain the results of the procedure over time.

Developing a better hair transplant option to other clinics

Far too often, traditional hair restoration clinics fail to deliver a customised, compassionate care experience. Many will rush patients through the consultation and decision as a sales process with vague promises and pricing models. These clinics don’t properly educate patients on what to expect from the procedure and leave them to navigate after-care protocols by themselves. Some, mainly overseas clinics, compromise on safety protocols which lead to botched up results.

With Evolved Hair Restoration, we’re determined to deliver a platinum level of protocols and a patient-centered approach to hair transplants starting with the very first consultation. Those considering a restoration procedure work with a hair loss educator to explore whether a procedure is their best available course of treatment. That same advocate supports the patient each step of the way if they choose to move forward with a non-surgical or a surgical hair regrowth procedure. All hair transplant procedures at Evolved Hair are performed end to end by a hair transplant doctor. Even post the surgery, the doctor and medical team monitor results to ensure long-term results.

 How do I know if hair restoration is the right treatment for me?

As with any elective procedure, a decision to undertake a hair restoration procedure is a major personal decision. We’re committed to empowering you with the right amount of knowledge to move forward with a decision that helps you feel confident and in control of your image.

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